What should you not do when designing a website?

See what 4 common mistakes you can avoid when designing a website and create a simple, transparent beautiful website for your company!

1. Too detailed search engine setting on the page

Yes, refining your search engine so that it searches for a very narrow group of words reduces the usability of your website. Any web development agency will tell you that such a search engine that does not take into account typos, plurals, hyphens, and other query variants is not very user-friendly. Such search engines are not intuitive and are not helpful for those who make mistakes when entering search phrases or simply enter something by mistake.

In addition, it is worth that you set your search engine on the page so that the first results of queries give those that are the most relevant, those that are associated with the most important document on your site. Do not prioritize search results by the number of key phrases they contain. This could mislead the user because he can’t find what he is looking for.

Although advanced search can sometimes help, simple search usually works best.

2. PDF files for online reading

PDF files are very well suited for printing and for later reading any instructions or documents with several pages from paper. However, website users do not like very much when readable content on the page is interrupted by a hardly readable PDF file. Make sure your website has consistent content that is easy to read and navigate, and that it contains as little content as possible that the user needs to read from the PDF.

3. No change in the color of addresses of pages where the user previously clicked

The user who visits your website expects a simple and clear navigation. You will provide it to him by giving him a good search engine on the page and providing him with a clear layout of the text on the page, but that’s not all. Make sure that the links on which the user clicks are highlighted in a different color from the links on which the user has not yet clicked. This will make it easier for your user to navigate the site because he will know which links he has already clicked on and which he has not yet entered.

See how little you need to do to make life easier for your users. Just that your site will differentiate the colors of the links on which the user clicked. Thanks to this, you will help him move more freely on your side.

4. Breach of the consistency principle on the website

One of the most important things that you can still suggest to your users on the website is maintaining the principle of consistency. The user who walks on your website learns how it works. Thanks to this, he is able to predict how your site will behave in its further parts, and this gives him a nice sense of freedom of navigating your website. In turn, if you start to break the conventions that you adopted at the beginning and start to surprise your user unexpectedly, he may feel lost and confused. The user likes well-functioning patterns, do not deprive them of them.

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